Aftercare tips for Lash lift

* No water, skincare products or makeups on your lashes for 48hrs post-treatment
* Be gentle with your lashes and no rubbing
* Brush your lashes daily to keep them stunning
* No oil based products are to be used on your eyelashes.

Highly recommend/required below products for a long-lasting result
* Use oil free lash conditioner ( Elleeplex is your must-have) to keep your lashes hydrated and healthy while lashes are lifted (but after 48hr post treatment). It is a required aftercare between lash lift appointments.
* Use lash growth serums (EyEnvy is what we recommend) once your lashes is about 50% or more grown out to help speed up the growth process
*Depending on individuals, lash lift results generally last 6-10weeks

Good job! Now, time to book your next stunning lift!